Thursday, February 28


S PANDITA - VGD | LMJ - MMD3307 | LOGOS... - 001


Awaiting a technological briefing, the people here mill about. They find ways to pass the anxious minutes and as they do a little more of themselves is uncovered. We could find many things in common if we tried, but the one thing that is evident is this; we are all at the beginning of a journey. For the most part they've been down this road together a few times now. Not often enough to feel entirely comfortable with the routine, however the potential in each has been glimpsed. I feel a little nervous and look inward for the source. Resolute. Uncertain. Ambitious.

This voyage into deeper waters is unique. It's the last length before the open sea. If the ship isn't fully prepared before launch it may sink. But no one says any of this. Either they know and feel the same nervous feeling I do, or they won't see the reality of our venture until they are sinking into the depths. Air escapes my body in a sigh as I let the metaphor fade.

I'd like to lean back and watch events unfold around me. So much is about to take place in this room. Although the truth is there will be no time for it. My purpose is set, my goals all-important and my focus must be absolute.

Replacement is the ultimate goal.

Replaced by my will.



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