Monday, July 28

Day 14

Got stuck on a train for about an hour this morning due to a "Police Operation" at Caulfield station. Where were they when I was getting my stuff stolen eh?

The concept art book for Crisis Core contains a variety of work which I think would make a good guide for my own work:

3D Renders of the main characters,
3D characters/matte background compositions
Traditional comic style compositions of main characters
Summons Concept Art (Layout is 1 large colour picture with accompanying sketches and notes)
Monster Concept Art
Character Concept Art
Vehicle Concept Art (Front and Rear in colour)
Background Concept Art (varied, full colour with notation, schematic, emotive, matte background, town layout)
Animatic/Storyboard for 1 scene

This would tie in with the work I've done and the 3D models I'm currently creating.

I'm not really in the mood for philosophy today, I think I'll read some more 3D tutorials.

Today's film is...

Haha... no, I didn't actually watch this. I returned it along with The Alamo completely un-watched. Bad films aren't really working the creative muscles. Tomorrow I'm going to hire some good westerns. Westerns that aren't made by Americans.

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