Wednesday, July 30

Day 16

I had an idea, last night, for a new game. I've filed it away in the back of my head but it's an exciting concept. I'm labelling it 'Epica'.

Speaking of concepts I've started work on some Matte Paintings using techniques I've picked up from a few tutorials. It at first seemed daunting but the work I'm producing is not intended for final photo-realistic use in movies but primarily as concept art for locations.

I have tomorrow to myself so I'll be sure to post some images of all w.i.p.

And how could I forget, today's western:
The third film in the Leoni/Eastwood series and technically a prequel is definitely the best. Three hours goes by fast as we watch these three men compete for the prize. The story goes through a number of chapters but it is essentially this. Three men are after the dead man's chest and will do whatever to get it. What makes this movie interesting is their character, hence the title. But it's not as simple as good, bad and ugly. In the first scenes we see that the good is a scam artist, the bad always keeps his word and the ugly is irresistibly like-able. This sets the tone as the three try to keep one-up on each other. 99% of the entertainment here comes from these three great characters and the deep interaction between them culminating in a Mexican standoff. Genius.
I will also have three characters leading my game, although I've planned to have them played sequentially based on the Sin City film. But within each story there are characters to interact with in a linear fashion. Town Mayors, Villians, Bounty Hunters, Assassins, Priests, Musicians, Miners, Prospectors, Farmers, etc. Overlapping them would cause some disassociation as the player watches his previous self move autonomously and I don't want that. Maybe in cut scenes?
Orson Welles apparently warned Sergio Leoni against making this film claiming that Civil War movies are box office poison. But he made it anyway and it was great. People have done Western games before and they have by and large sucked or flopped, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be done it just means that it must be done well. Innovation is great but I have no problem playing a game that is simply solid.

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