Sunday, March 28


So instead of playing Warhammer Online with my guild this morning, we are staring at the server screen discussing (over Ventrilo) the usual gamer stuff. Health Care policy in the USA, China's global economic position, Employment in Australia, how The Governator is treating California. I had a chance to explain a little of my plans for the documentary and it went down pretty well. Zufall, a badass Chosen of Tzeentch, actually lives in California and offered to introduce me to some of the best Arcade gaming left in the free world. It makes sense to ask my guildmates for help, but it feels so perfect that my best connections are friends I made in an MMO.

Come on server, there's Order to be slain! Which reminds me, I work with a guy who plays the other team (Order) on my server (Volkmar) and there's something deeply troubling about working with someone during the day then going home to crush their skull. MMO's are such a big lifestyle (almost like a seconde virtual life to some) that those grudges from the night before can be hard to shake at times.

/waves @ psychoic

Hey it's back up! I'll play my shaman, maxed out willpower>spam group heal.

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