Friday, March 26


I ran the idea by my brother and he's into it with his shiny new Mac and recently validated editing skills. He loves films and is all done with uni and set to take off in the Film industry. He's always been my support and projects don't fly if he doesn't give the nod. You see my ideas are often too crazy; he's my altimeter.

In fact, so far everyone I've talked to has been in support of this endeavor; a rare hit for my nutty hi-jinks. Maybe it's not such a wild notion? Maybe it really is a great idea.

I mentioned it to my girlfriend Erin, I don't think she's keen on the idea of me being gone so long but at the same time happy to see me doing something with my pent-up creativity and longing to travel. Even more happy that I'm not dragging her with me.

My Canadian friend and colleague Jeff (kick-ass animator/joker) gave it a thumb up and told me he has some industry friends in Vancouver who would probably hang out with me and talk about games (it seems gamers love nothing more than talking about games; I certainly do and this bodes well for a Documentary) and I'm thinking of hanging out in Van after PAX in September allowing me to do a US gaming run and then a Canadian one before finally getting deported!

I then spoke with my sister's friend and colleague (working in the industry is awesome) Anne (kick-ass producer/director/friend) who's interested in helping me and thinks the whole thing would be very cool indeed. She was wearing a Disturbed t-shirt, which I totally dig, and proceeded to offer to introduce me to a guy who knows cameras, a girl who works as a much more successful concept artist, and some people who won a documentary competition last year *inhale* AND give me her personal support with the project. I am so freaking lucky.

This weekend I'm booking my flight, I already have my ticket for Comic Con (as a professional) and my buddy Luke (Blizzard concept artist and all round hot-shot ninja friend) knows I'm heading to his place first. Time to get this splash website running and then contact all the gamer news sites to ask for help advertising for hosts and general publicity.

I am going to go on the biggest adventure of my life and I am going to make something Gamers and the Games Industry can enjoy and be proud of. This is my adventure, this is my chance, this is my gift to the world I love.

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