Monday, April 12


I haven't made a post for a while because, after an anxious week that made her think I was breaking up with her, I proposed to my girlfriend at the base of a waterfall in Tasmania. Our relationship meter was full so it was high time I leveled up the relationship. More believably I wanted to give her a sign of my undying love and commitment to her before I go traipsing off across America.

I know there must be some, but no instances of proposals in videogames come to mind. Even marriages are scarce. I guess it's such a girl-thing and games have only recently become sensative to the female playerbase (outside of The Sims). Although I did find this old Unreality article about people hacking games to propose. At first I thought 'Augh! Why didn't I do that?' but by the end I was pretty sure I knew why. The super mario one has been taken down but can still be found here.

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