Friday, July 23

blog in prog

Just got back to the hostel and talked to Erin, feeling a lot better.

Walked around this morning, bought a Yoko figure to go with my Cammy. Bought the art of Deadspace ($5 minibook) to go with my PA 11.5th Anniversary book. I need to get Gabe to draw a penis in it...

Gonna bug the PA guys for most of tomorrow, try to get some usable material. Met a cool guy for my doco, interview him tomorrow.

We took a nap at lunch and then powered through some huge pizza slices. On the way back to the con we ducked into EA's Dead Space 2/Dragon Age 2 playable demos. Nice! Then got back to the con where we met Luke's privateer press contact and Brom and Raneman from Blizzard. Finished off with MtG panel and saw a new card from the upcoming set! Sword of G/U!!!!

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