Friday, July 16

I love chili dogs!

Okay well there's Sonic Colours, which seems to star Sonic and involves some side-scrolling portions. But it looks as lame and buggy as any of the recent Sonic titles. Just watching this makes me cringe as familiar problems and shortcomings of the previous titles persist. I didn't play Unleashed, I heard the portions where sonic ISN'T a werewolf were good. But really I could just go play Sonic Adventure DX again and have a better time. Oh but if you pre-order you get this sweet hat to make sure people don't confuse you with fans of a Sonic that had genuine 90's spunk. Seriously even if you get that thing, don't wear it. I am concerned about your safety.

Just went out tonight for a burger and wow, it was the best. I loathe ordering burgers with fries anywhere in Melbourne. But the waitress actually asked me how I'd like my beef (rare) and it was the most delicious burger I have ever eaten; grilled onions with gorgonzola The house beer was rubbish (trash, they call it) but I wasn't expecting anything there.

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