Wednesday, July 21


My plans for August have finally began to crystallise:
1st-3rd : LA
3rd-9th : San Jose
9th-13th : SF pt1
13th-15th : SF pt2
15th-20th : ???
20th-22nd : Alabany
23rd-I get bored : Seattle

Then flying back down to LA... so I can catch the PAX Train right back again '>.<'

September is a little more structured:
1st-2nd : PAX Train
2nd-5th : PAX
5th-I run out of money : Vancouver!

Then flying back down to LA once again to spend a couple more weeks in paradise with Luke and Chris before finally waving goodbye to excitement and adventure, to live out my days in the Australian countryside in a little town called Yarram.

But America has a vibe that is infectious. I feel connected to the industry, I feel like this is a place where you can be part of something. Comic Con will be the first real test. I have a notion that after I see geekdom on that scale it'll be hard for me to stay away.

Played some SF4 with Chris. His character of choice is C. Viper. I find her a little unwieldily and mainly stick to Ken. Ken is basically Ryu without the stigma of playing the hero (everyone knows heroes are lame a frequently OP). I really like the look of Juri Han, but I wonder about how she stacks up with only kick-based specials and the Feng Shui Engine.

Last night I went back to Blizzard to say hi to a few friends I'd made in my short time here and take part in a weekly sketch group. This weeks theme was 'Predator in Wonderland', I think I hit the target pretty well. Following, we celebrated a life of nerdiness at Kitayama where we ate sushi 'omakase'. It was all delicious! Highlights included Ahi, Maguro and the incredible Toro (served on tempura prawns with crab rolled in seaweed and sushi with avocado* and sesame seeds). I shared some sake with Luke, which was also the best I've had. They seemed pleased when I practiced my Japanese, but perhaps it was more like amusement. Chris gave it a try, but with little attempt at pronunciation, resulting in some funny dialect indeed.

Time to go get my folio pieces printed for comic con, and some business cards. Who knows?

*I'm allergic to avocado so I scraped it off but it's the chef special so you know, if you are ever making gourmet sushi...

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