Monday, August 2

Cream in his, cream in his, cream in his PANTS!

Chris found his new favourite Cable Guy quote, and then we promptly headed to the real medieval times!

I was a little concerned that it was going to be three grown adults at a children's show, but it was actually pretty cool. My metal friends would have loved it. Eating meat with your hands while watching knights clash in the arena as busty wenches serve rounds of pepsi. We did all the lines from The Cable Guy, including the silence of the lambs bit. The highlight was definitely quoting the 'Cream in his pants' line and seeing twin jets of pepsi erupt from Chris' nose.

Watching these performers makes me think they must be hardcore LARPers. My own gaming focus is largely video games. But I think my doco should pay some attention to role-playing and table-top gaming as well. Even board games. What is important is playing, interacting with others to form bonds. Having said that I am passing on Gen-con. It's too far inland and I am still waiting on my tax return. Too busy having fun in California.

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