Friday, August 20


Aerith Gainsborough

1997 - End of Disc 1

Ahem, where was I? Well I'm still at Mojo's house, but preparing to leave tonight for Albany. It's a 15 hour overnight train trip and hopefully I will endure with more grace than that horror plane flight over the pacific. While we have gone on to play Guitar hero, drink Chimay and watch Hot Tube Time Machine (seriously underrated) the main thing I've done is leave for a night.

I went and wandered about the city on Tuesday, visiting the Academy of Science (definitely the best modern 'museum' ever), the infamous Pier 39 and the less well known but largely superior Pier 43 1/2, home of the Musee Mechanique. I met a rock looking fellow on the streets of SF named Diego Trinidad, talked to him for about half an hour and promptly bought his cd. I know what Raj is getting for christmas!

After all that I went to San Cerrito, the upper east-bay and met Steph and Tristan. They are the most awesome gamer couple I have met since Lauren and Josh! We had a blast and there was such an intense combination of junk food, gamer talk and game-play that I really wish I could have spent more time with them. Maybe I could have? Well regardless of where I end up, I'll be sure to visit all my newfound friends again some day. In the meantime there's always Xbox Live right?

Steph introduced me to something I found fascinating: Subversive Cross-stitch. She has a wonderful passion for video-game inspired crafts. Tristan works at GameStop and is as 100% pure gamer. We began by complimenting each other on our clothing and ended with back-to-back SC2 victories. I don't think I've ever bonded so quickly or met people so genuinely nice.

I'm sure there's more I could put here, but the bones are on the table and the meat is in my head.

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