Monday, May 13

There has only ever been, only ever will be... one Azshara.

 Finally finished this painting to my satisfaction (and then added nipple-censoring jewellery).  The original idea was to come up with a card-art sized painting of Azshara from the Warcraft lore that was simultaneously alluring and alarming. I also wanted to merge the octopus and elf forms in a way that felt more natural than a lot of fantasy mash-ups. I think it's important that the character is believable as a whole and not just 'oh okay bottom of a horse, human mid-section, chicken head' because that is sloppy design.

One of my favourite parts was the reflection and ripples in the water. It was really hard to get this looking good and she loses a bit of her form that is below the surface. Despite this I feel like it ended up great and establishes that we are breathing air in what still feels like an underwater palace.

You can see very late I also repainted the face. I like the original and it works well as a monster but a good friend suggested my work needed to show some sex appeal so I turned to the flawless Jessica Biel for a beautiful otherworldly elven visage.

I worked on this piece intermittently for a VERY long time and you can almost see me becoming a better artist as I go...

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