Thursday, March 20


S PANDITA - VGD LMJ - MMD3307 LOGOS... - 006

Earlier we were called to the archives to witness a recent phenomenon in virtual science. Through optical illusion an empty space was filled. Not with any manner of substance, but with potential itself. The demonstration in of itself revealed a new and effective technique for comprehension that will no doubt have it's purposes, beyond my imagination, and serve us well. However what inspired my introspection was the location in which the display was held.

The archive.

An ancient store of all that has become lost to us. A record of all that has come before, a record of all that has been left behind. Is the world any better? Is it any worse? Animals are not things we see in the flesh any more. They are documented and preserved, but the only way our children can understand them is as machines with no clear use nor purpose. History can be learned, but is not known or discussed to any extent. We are doomed to forever repeat mistakes and re-live the lives of man. Endless corridors filled with various forms of information that were once relevant but are now trivial. And yet we are reluctant to release them. For like memories, they define us.

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