Tuesday, April 22

Welcome to Driftwood, Population 0

My goals for this project is to begin principle design on a video game;

Working Title:


Gameplay Design:

In the same vein as action games such as Devil May Cry, God of War and The Legend of Zelda, the game is played from a third-person view and involves exploring the world whilst overcoming obstacles and enemies. However there will be a greater emphasis on the aesthetics of the world and the experience of traveling as in Shadow of the Colossus. Story is delivered through cut-scenes as well as RPG style 'town-exploring' with many NPCs to interact with. The storyline is driven by milestones dependent on location, time and achievements.




The hero is attempting to escape from the planet Lazarus by investigating rumors of an alien spacecraft. However through a series of larger events and discovery of his past alternate motives are revealed.


The desert planet Lazarus is the new frontier. People from the overpopulated moon Valentine have come to establish settlements, harvest materials and explore a spacious landscape free of rule.

Main Characters:

"The Cowboy" - A seedy man with no affiliations walks into town. Equipped with twin pistol-cannons and shaggy blond hair, he's asking for trouble. Those guns and that accent, he's far from home.

"The Man" - He walks the walk and talks the talk, but does anyone have the minerals to call him out? He doesn't have enough pockets to fit all the people he owns.
No one knows his name but he always seems to get what he wants. But what is he really after?

"The Vagrant" - Murder on a stick. Rumor has it he's crossed The Dust from dawn to dusk and it's left him a little disassociated. Every day he dreams of the same girl, and every day he searches for her.

"The Law" - Chain of command goes Judge>Sheriff>Loiter>Deputy>Colt>You>Everyone Else. Keeping the peace out here is one tall order and the men of the law are legend. Either that or corrupt. Every year you survive in the service is an automatic promotion. For every hundred gung-ho kids there's one good man... and one bad.

"The Church" - The most powerful lady in town is the owner of this fine establishment which is as much a contradiction as it makes perfect sense. Part temple part brothel, you'll find temptation then salvation. All aspects of spirituality live here, and the word of God has never been so well received.

"The Money" - Outside of a few adventurous souls, people don't come here because they want to. It's all about the money. Don't have it? Want it? Need it? Got it? You need to speak to one man and one man only. Presiding over Bell-Town like it's his own damn boudoir.

"The Girl" -Yep, there's a girl.

Back Story:

The town of Driftwood exists on the very outskirts of the new frontier. Towns like Sandalwood and Heartwood enjoy a prosperous mining community, but Driftwood serves a different purpose. It is a bastion for the outcasts of an outcast world, as far from the civilized Tenner City as a man can get. Furthermore being on the outskirts means it's as close as anything to The Dust, a huge desert hiding alien relics worth almost as much as the risk of lookin' for them. The Man's come to town and he's got big plans. Now the wheels are turnin' and the law is sniffing around. One evening, two strangers roll in on the same wind. One by chance, searchin' for his muse. The other is here on business; to settle an old score.

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