Monday, July 14

Driftwood Day 0

Although I've already laid the groundwork for this project I'm labeling this 'Day 1' of my production process.

My goal is to create a comprehensive design that supplies all the elements required for a company to then produce a video game. It will consist of the following components:

- Research Documentation (primarily on this blog)
- Concept Artwork
- Concept Music
- Concept Mechanics
- Character Profiles
- Narrative Script
- Complete Style Guide
- Level Designs/Layouts
- Gameplay Demo (3D animation)
- Game Intro (2D animation)

There are a couple of books I heard about at the Game On exhibition at ACMI that might help me get a better idea of which elements I should be preferring, but I have 9 weeks and a good foundation to build on.

For our in class sessions I chose the 'Game' group, for reasons obvious.

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