Wednesday, April 28

A new challenger approaches...

A week in the countryside staying with my Fiancee gave me some time to clear the head but it's proving hard to get back into the swing of things. I've assessed my savings, limited as they now are, and decided that I can still go ahead with the adventure... it'll just be even more er, adventurous.

This: awesome and exciting. Thanks Penny Arcade for yet another valuable resource. They are really doing all the research here, I think that's one of the reasons they're such a popular hub for gamers. Once the website is up (i keep saying that, but I've given myself a deadline of this weekend) I will definitely be in contact. Hope she's still in Cali :)

I've made tentative contact with some wonderful Canadians through a work colleague and that sounds like it's going to be a fun leg of the trip. I've also bought my ticket to PAX so the northern leg of my trip is locked in. I can think of it like this:

July - California, San Diego, California
August- San Jose, Sacramento, San Fran, ????
September - Seattle, Vancouver, Seattle

Two months away, kinda scary yeah? But it will be utterly awesome.

Today's image is Taokaka, my latest favourite fighting girl from BlazBlue which I finally got my hands on. I grabbed it from VideoGames Girls DB, it's like a image-base of girls, but each of them has been designed by a team of artists. I love the idea in the abstract.

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