Wednesday, May 5


Spent this week prepping assets for the website and recording the video which will hopefully convince people that I'm a) serious, b) legit and c) only the good kind of crazy.

It features a guest appearance by my brother who is helping with editing the whole thing once I return from America in October. I like to high-five. We also did about twenty takes of each line as I'm not a professional actor and I just wrote what I was going to say that morning then tried to memorise it off the computer screen. But that's all part of the fun of documentation. These things I am saying will become clearer when the site goes up.

Being prematurely unemployed has given me too much time to spend playing Warhammer Online. My main toon (character) is now rr62 (rr80 being the highest level) with full warlord gear (second-best gear) ready to equip when I hit rr70. I'll be able to make a formidable dps (damage per second: class that does damage as opposed to healing or tanking) build around rr65 with 900 strength (soft cap (the point at which any further bonuses are x0.33) is 1050, strength determines main damage output) and +20% Melee Crit. (increased chance to score a critical hit which does damage x2.00) which isn't bad with their AA+ (auto-attack speed increase, in this case 50%) and various debuffs (attacks which reduce defenders stats such as armor, toughness, wounds, chance to crit, run speed, healing). I've also been grinding scenarios (arranged contained objective based skirmishes) for emblems (token system) to buy the sweet glaive that will ice this hate-cake.

See what I mean about playing too much? Oh and on the off chance that anyone reading this actually plays WAR, my toon's name is Valeigra Valentine, of MoC (formerly of Scion, formerly known as Scion of Anlec) and I play on Volkmar (formerly Ironrock, formerly Anlec). So /wave me or chat to me in-game if you feel compelled.

The great thing about a MMO is the social gaming opportunity it offers. Playing with hundreds of other people from all over the world and working together from the comfort of your own home. Zero risk social activity. This is great for obvious reasons, but can also lead to feelings of obligation and inclusion/exclusion that could have your friends and family worrying. But it's no different to being in a sporting club or a gang, the same social onus applies. Australia is a country where it's perfectly normal to spend every waking minute toiling away for your local cricket club, but giving the same dedication to a virtual club of gamers will have you soon facing an intervention. Personally I prefer the one that doesn't champion the excessive consumption of alcohol and encourage competitive abuse.

I really do love being in my guild and playing with a regular group of people. We use Ventrilo to chat to each other and play most nights. Last year when I was living alone and working they became my regular social circle, as I rarely had time to go to the pub and weekends were spent in the countryside with my fiancee (the fact that she plays too is one of the reasons I kept going). Lately what with being in a state of unemployment I've had more time to balance with other friends (whom I've missed!) but the friends I've made online are friends I want to keep. I was planning on making Warhammer the first and last MMO I ever played (because I feel that, as a hardcore gamer, I must play every genre at least once) but if the guild moves to another game (that doesn't suck as much as Aion) then I will follow. From this appreciation has come a huge piece of art I've been working on for way too long. I hope my guildies enjoy it as much as I've enjoyed spending my time with them. To that end I present you all with a huge illustration project I've finally finished; Scion of Anlec >:D


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