Thursday, May 20

C-C-C-Combo Breaker!

Finished my flashy video appealing for hosts in august! Now to put it up on a splash page and contact EVERYBODY. Time to cross the fingers and see if this monkey flies.

The success and validity of my trip really hinges on this. If I can't find benevolent gamers to stay with untill PAX then I can't afford to stay untill PAX. But that is sort of the hypothesis of this experiment; gamers are cool people and by and large will let me hang out with them based on the knowlege that I too am a gamer and therefore a 'brother in culture'. I'm also Australian and fortunately we are famous for our easy-going friendly nature, rightly so :)

Progress continues on the folio, my results are never entirely satisfying but then this pushes me to improve. It's very hard to gauge whether I'm good enough for a job internationally, but it's not like I'm trying to start at the top. Any studio that understands english and are willing to have me would be fantastic. I figure if I have to ask, I'm not there yet but when I do something and it makes me grin with satisfaction it will be the proverbial "shit".

Reading information on the U.S. Embassy website it seems that yes, the most appropriate way for me to go about getting work overseas is to travel on a temporary 90day visa and then apply for work/attend interviews while there. If I am then offered a position I must return to Australia and attend an interview for an E3 visa for specialists from Australia working in the U.S. which I can only get if I have a job offer. I am concerned that prospective employers may be reluctant given the process but at least there is a clear possibility and I know how to go about it and that's a lot better than uncertainty.

Nervous, working hard, uncertain, excited.

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