Tuesday, July 13

Well, I think I'll go out and get some fresh air for a change

Not video-game related but certainly game related, Netherlands lost the world cup in brutal fashion. Most of today was spent eating Chris' delicious breakfast before spending a full two hours watching a game where no-one scored. This less is more game format really doesn't grab me. De Jong could be in the new Mortal Kombat reboot...

It seems post-Batman Begins/The Dark Knight there is a sudden interest in series 'reboots'. People have finally realised that it's okay to go back to the drawing board with a franchise if the tower you've built is comprised mostly of shit. Not that you should per se, most franchises are contemptible things and I really feel like publishers don't understand the value of new IP (I shudder to even call it that) over the safe sequel. Furthermore, when someone says 'reboot' it's usually a darker grittier re-imagining more suitable for the 21st century when games aren't so pixelated and brightly coloured and gamers apparently have no interest in games like 'Da Blob' (which is funny because I'm pretty sure it was a big success). You won't see a Gears of War reboot with ridiculously comical dialogue, cartoon characters and an invisible flying R2D2 esque companion, oh wait. I think the lesson that can be taken from the new Batman films is this: Adult fans like to be treated as adults. Serious fans want content to reflect their own passion. Mortal Kombat has never been considered adult or serious so, despite my own fondness for the game, I can't see a reboot really carrying any new appeal. Funny to think that it was DC's insistence on soft-cocking MK vs DC that really left the game with zero appeal. I'll just play this reboot for the fatalities, and to ride with my friend Scorpion one last time.

I had someone from Oregon contact me yesterday, which is awesome! Post Comic-con I really might make something of this trip after all. Very exciting stuff, I'm glad I have plenty of time to acclimatise before the most challenging and rewarding leg of the journey.

I also met a couple of Chris' friends from Blizzard. One particular fellow works designing and assembling the terrain of World of Warcraft, a job which I'm told is endless. It is interesting to think that there is no end to the development of an MMO. Normal games have a crunch before release and then you just sit back and hold your breath and see if people buy it. An MMO as broad and popular as WoW requires constant improvement and development to keep people playing but in return offers ongoing profits like no other game. No downtime does suck a little. But hey, if you work for Blizzard and you love games, I can't think of anything better to do with my time. Apparently he has 4-5 level 80 toons and another handful 60+ so I think he's in the right place.

I also went to a super-super market. Have you ever seen an entire isle of salad dressing? Presentation was intimidating! Have I mentioned my love of guitars? It goes further than buying a cheap one mid-life crisis style. I borrowed my dad's nylon string classical accoustic and played it for a straight year before I got my first shitty electric and then played that for a year before buying a PoD for effects so it didn't sound like my shitty practice amp. Point is I've been paying my dues and upgrading gear as my skills improve and just lately I've been keeping my eye out for a really nice guitar, the kind I couldn't justify buying until I could play well. Chris and I went a music store (that, like every other building in the OC was build like a spanish villa) to get his guitars set up. I asked them about ESPs and the guy said there was a rep coming in next saturday for a big giveaway day. We're gonna go back there and have a play, I'm looking forward to it! Plus the guys that served us said 'dude' a lot which made me feel very much at home. I'm the only person in Melbourne who still speaks like a Ninja Turtle.

Today Luke and I are going for a bike ride. His apartment block looks like a resort and has a pool, spa, outdoor fireplaces and a gym. So hopefully we'll check that out too...

Finally I managed to come away victorious from our first Magic draft after going with a solid R/U stompy deck. The second draft is midway with Chris drafting much better, a lethal black/red deck which really disrupted my own draft as I was going for B/R and ended up having to grab what white I could. I played R/W/b in the first couple of rounds but switched to B/W to beat Luke into the final. I have All is Dust but haven't managed to capitalise on my mythic bomb thusfar. We'll see tonight!

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