Wednesday, July 14

Show me your moves.

Last night Chris emerged victorious from a gruelling 3 game final in our second MtG draft. He would have had me, save for an All Is Dust ripped off the top of my deck followed by a Pestilence demon which hit for 9 and then pinged Chris for the final 1 (I was on 2 prior to this). Then we eagerly began our 3rd draft and, despite picking cards across 4 colours after some desperate colour-fighting, I ended up with a W/U/R deck that has had little trouble establish force. We'll see how it ends up tonight, Luke's deck has yet to be seen.

Yesterday was a relaxing day. I did the patriotic thing and went shopping. Picked up Super Street Fighter Turbo and a pair of white DCs that only cost $27. Then a swim in the pool, I'm practicing swimming underwater laps to improve my breathing/control anxiety.

But probably the highlight of the day was joining my friend Luke at Blizzard for a sketch group with some of the artists who work there...


I couldn't sleep last night; could have been the jet lag, could have been the fact that I'm getting a guided tour this morning and possibly meeting Mark Gibbons. He's the Brit who inspired me to pick up a pencil in the first place...


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