Wednesday, August 11

Do you know the way...

Don't forget; Danni said she'd make me a 'better-than-sex' cake. Remind me when I get back to Irvine.

First up, I've heard some funny things in America and I want to make a record:

Dad- Don't jump into the pool!
Son- I'll jump into your FACE!

Jesus Lady- I think reflexes must come from the heart, because you don't think about them.
Psych Student- I don't really know. Probably. I think there's something there.

Girl- If you could be a Fairy, a Princess or a Mermaid which would you be?
Other Girl- Um, a Fairy.
Girl- Me too! Because, do you know why? Because there's this website called Pixie Hollow, and I went on there and you can make a fairy and I've made three!

Girl Gamer- A girl can never have enough jewelry... and weapons.

I spent the entire day on public transport and now I am finally in San Jose. It's really nice! Overcast but very green. Most of the city is clean and there's plenty of space just like Orange County. I didn't even mind the 6 hours on the bus because I was seeing a new country. Met up with Lauren and Patrick. Pat is very cool, he works for EA. We went to Red Robbin's for dinner and I had a wicked delicious hamburger and two Root-beer 'Floats' (spiders). They have two cats, one is social and the other one (named Ninja) is not.

Going to the Winchester House on Thursday, unfortunately we couldn't get tickets on short notice for the torchlight tour but I think it'll be creepy enough in the day.

I'm going to try contacting some games companies again, but I think the bulk of the doco is going to be my interviews and conersations with the gamers I meet this month. We shall see!

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