Saturday, August 14

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What is it, Friday? Lauren and Patrick are taking good care of me. We've been to the SJ Tech Museum and the Winchester Mystery House. Patrick also showed me around the impressive EA Headquarters here. They display new concept art in the lobby along with huge statues of dragons and heroes from their fantasy franchises. I really enjoyed their timeline featuring some very, very oldschool EA products; back when their logo was a Square, Circle and Triangle. I was also impressed by their (probably) unrivaled hall of Platinum titles including two Harry Potter games that were 9xPlatinum. Although I wonder if it's the quality of the game that is reflected here.

Tonight we are driving out to a nature reserve to see a meteor shower, which will be amazing. I hope. Then I can finally record my first gamer interview with Patrick. He's a hardcore WoW fan and has as many figures (including Frostmorne and some resin prints of his own character) as any of the Blizzard staff. He has a copy of Dante's Inferno I've been eying too.

Tomorrow we'll check out San Francisco and then Sunday I'm actually going over to the East Bay to meet up with my first volunteer Gamer. He plays board games too and even manages to play D&D over Skype with faraway friends. Exciting!

The gum trees are freaking me out. I woke this morning forgetting where I was...

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