Friday, March 15


I've just merged my Gamer Documentary Blog ( which is now as defunct as the documentary itself) with my old University Project Journal Blog so I can start keeping an Art Blog just like that amazing man Paul Richards.

This comes about a year later when I am feeling confident in the professional level of my skills and digging my heels in to give this a real go as a career: I want to be an Associate Concept Artist, and now feels like the time. I've also just booked my 3rd trip to the US (in August) and I'll be attending PAX Australia and PAX Prime with a folio of my best work in tow.

I'll try to update once a week with some new artwork (the best of which will also be on Deviant Art and my website) which will be accompanied by text that I'm guessing will be equal parts Art appreciation and angry Video Game ranting.

I'm a big fan of the League of Legends Pro scene and just the idea of eSports as a pass time in general. My favourite team is the European 'Evil Geniuses' and their star-mid is a young man named Froggen who is very very VERY good at Anivia.

This is actually inspired in equal parts by his screaming during the Season 2 World Finals and some seasonal card artwork by J.C.Leyendecker. Leyendecker's work is really amazing me right now and I think my next piece will be more League champions in a typical Leyendecker composition.

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