Tuesday, March 26

Katarina's Torment

Check out my latest painting: Katarina's Torment.

Done for the LoL art contest 'Training for Season 3'. It's got some attention on Tumblr and Deviant Art but didn't place in the competition. As always I learned a lot in the process and shout-out to Gino Whitehall for giving me some advice on colouring over a B/W base. I did the same thing on my latest WoW fan art (coming soon)and it really helped control the tones and create solid depth. Before I get to the progression here is the stencil for the roof feature, which I wanted to be a hook to keep people looking longer at the piece and architecturally depicts the summoner's seemingly endless choices that make the game so appealing. See if you can guess them all:


And here is the full progress. I used a concept of the Institute of War, the lifesized sculpture of Katarina, my wife's gym clothing and several pieces of Kat fan art for inspiration/reference:


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